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Project Management

Let us discuss a project.
- it might be new it might be old.
- it's a project that will gain from a third party opinion.
- it's a project that needs additional resources.
- it's a  project you need to close
My long experience of projects within various fields allows me to say: It's all the Variety of projects that makes your individual project interesting for me.
Quality and Performance in our services is our leading star.
Get in touch and let us talk.

Project Management
- A dedicated PM that understands your goals.

- Weekly status and progress report.

- Weekly time and billing report ...

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My wide perspective related to quality, planning, budget, procurement, civil work, telecom implementation, documentation, specification and more.

Allows me to cover big parts of the telecom cake.
Do you have a bottleneck or a critical path? 

Just get in touch and I will tell you

how we can help.



All my designs start with imagining the final result.


The definition and the meaning of the word Design depend on in what area you work.

For me, Design covers a wide area from photoshopped photos via designed wines to telecom infrastructure drawings and much more.

Some of my "designs" you find under "free projects" and on Pinterest.


How can I assist you with design work?

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Welcome to my site.
My name is Mikael Davidson.
I am a consultant & entrepreneur and my knowledge comes from a wide range of work.
On these pages, I describe some of the areas I work in.
Contact me and let me know what I can do for you?


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